We had the great pleasure of dogsitting Edgar!

He’s such a good boy. We took him for walks and he was very interested in snuggs. He is just the cutest, and so so much work! I often wish we had a dog, but I don’t have the energy – three times a day walkies, constant need for attention, always moving, whoof! I loved having him for visits, but I think full-time care is not for me. Very grateful for my kitties.

Speaking of, this little one is back in a cone:

She started over-grooming her tail again when we got home from holiday, and we thought it prudent to put her in the collar until she calms down. She is such a goofball in the cone. Tattles has no idea who she is, hisses whenever she walks by.

Have you checked out Dinette magazine? It’s super well put-together. The recipes are really well thought out, I cannot wait to try their asparagus from this issue. Sundays these days are spent with a Yo and a magazine on the balcony. Wonderful days.

Speaking of asparagus!!! Check this guy out! I grew an asparagus! This is our first year, so we can’t harvest them, but look at that! It’s an asparagus for SURE. I look forward to eating it next year!!

We also have rhubarbs that I need to grab and turn into pie!

Happy Summer!

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