One Hundred Stars

Kimono – One Hundred Stars

I heard about these kimonos / robes a few years ago after I fell in love with a robe Nigella Lawson had on (and I’m not the only one!)

The price tag with shipping was a little steep for me, so I waited and waited and finally was like “look, it’s been two years of gawking at this site, I’m pretty sure I will love this”. What really pushed me over the edge was my sister-in-law saying she’d been looking for the perfect kimono. Well, I knew where to find it and mother’s day was coming up so I may as well get three!

You know when you finally buy something and you wish you had splurged sooner? This is so lightweight, so soft, so luxurious. It’s like wearing the most beautiful thing you can imagine, and nothing at all.

I wore it to my Auntie Carole’s 80th birthday luncheon, paired with my Cult Gaia Ark (gift from Leah) and the beat-to-heck but still fantastic Louboutins I found in SF for 88$! Because I am not a heels person, I left the house in flats. I’m not cut out for heels-all-day, let alone 120mm ones!

Catio snuggles.

It’s finally summery enough to hang out outside with the kitties on the enclosed catio upstairs. Kisses and I read a bit, while she asked all sorts of questions I couldn’t answer.

Love summer, hate everything else. xoxo.

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