Green Coat

Everything I’m wearing was a gift, or thrifted.

This wrap coat was a gift from my mother-in-law. She often picks out over-layers for me that I wouldn’t look at for myself, but I get them and love them, and wear them to death.

It’s such a simple piece, the edges are just serged, and there’s no lining or fussy bits. It’s just a toss-on-and-be-cozy piece that looks great and keeps me warm on chilly spring days!

I’m wearing almost exclusively jeans lately. I think it’s the weather – too chilly for skirts / dresses / shorts, yet, but that won’t last long now! In June we’ll all start complaining about the humidity. I can’t wait!

I am grabbing tulips as they come up and popping them into little arrangements. I love how this one came out! It’s super fragrant and the yellow tulip just speaks to me. This one is from my MIL’s garden – all my garden tulips are pink or red!

Things I’m looking forward to this month include:

  • holiday in June – took off the days between St-Jean and Canada Day. Four vacation days for ten days off! Yes please!
  • cleaning out the garage. We’re re-doing the garage out back (currently it has a dirt floor and is .. sinking). The first step is cleaning it out! There’s so much junk stashed away in the ceiling that we were like “might need this one day!”
  • reading. Circe just came up on my library holds, and I am just finishing up The Three-Body Problem. Some great summer reads in my future!

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