After a long, long winter it’s finally here! Sunny skies! Summer days! Air Conditioning!

To celebrate, I am wearing bike shorts and a crop top. I dig this top so much, it’s so light and summery and remarkably easy to wear. I’ve worn it to work, to lounge, to the market – I’ve worn it a lot for owning it two weeks.

Bike Shorts, Girlfriend
Poet top, Eliza Faulkner
Sunglasses, AmeVie

I 100% fear dropping things on it, for it is a pure beautiful white that longs for tomato sauce, beet drippings, oil droplets. I’m such a clutz, for years I swore off white. This year I’ve been wearing it quite a bit! So far, so okay. I wear a lot of bibs.

Can we talk about the bike shorts comeback? I got these last year but this year I am seeing them hit the mainstream and I am so for it. At first, I was like “this is a terrible idea and we will look back and cringe” but you know what? That’s what fashion is. Back in the day, I wore the lowest rise jeans you can imagine and I thought I looked bomb, (and I probably did) and now I am not so much a low-rise person as a mid-rise person and that’s OK. Tastes change. Embrace the bike shorts. Live a little.

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