Ethereal Blouse

Blouse – Ethereal
Cami – Lilysilk
Jeans – BDG
Yes, my backyard needs weeding.

I saw this cropped lacy blouse at Made-Inland and had to have it. Luckily, the L fit, so it was mine. I met the designer/creator of the line and she was so sweet. The whole line is really feminine and lovely. I love the Sophie Camisole, and the Louis blouse!

This top is difficult for me to wear because I don’t own a smooth bra that is subtle, but with this white camisole, I think it works! I’m planning a trip to Debra to get something nude/smooth/supportive to wear with this because it deserves it.

These jeans, on the other hand, do not work for me and never have. I don’t know why I still wear them excep that they continue to fit. Any ideas on how to make them work for me are welcome – the waist is too high and the hem too short; there’s too much stretch to the fabric so by the end of the day I’m all knees and creases (see – end of the day: all creasy).

As you can see, it’s finally Spring! My tulips are fully bloomed, and that’s our cherry bush behind me, getting ready to explode cherries, I hope. Gotta figure out what to do with them, this year. Also, need a cherry pitter.

I grabbed some of the tulips and popped them into my ikebana vase, I love Spring!

The little sprig at the bottom is peony shoots! I really like how it compliments the roundness of the tulips.

The vase was a gift from Lauren, when she was off in PEI – it’s from Dunes Studio, and I adore it. Whenever I brought it to jiyuka week in ikebana class, everyone raved about how lovely it is.

I’m OK at jiyuka, I think. Not so good at other styles, the rules make me panic – not what you want from an activity you take up to to get your mind relaxed!

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