Cozy in Sonoma

Was in Sunny California this week for a conference in San Francisco. This was my favourite outfit of the trip.

Top – Lights of All
Pants – Odeyalo
Necklace – Goye Ceramiste
Taco Bag – Atelier HotelMotel

Not only is it super cozy, but I also look really put together! I think it’s down to the taco bag: this is such a great size, and I love the pop of colour it brings. It holds my phone and wallet, keys, and lipstick easily, I also had to stash some cold medicine because I got sick on the plane!

The shirt is Lights of All, and I am addicted to this brand. The cuts work for me and the fabric is heavenly.

We had a super great trip and I will put together a post soon but I wanted to share this outfit first. Coziness, can’t go wrong.

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