Key Maxi

Dress – Lights Of All
Jacket – Le Chateau
Boots – Doc Martens
Sunglasses – AmeVie

Post-visit to Toronto for Made Inland, I have worn these sunglasses daily and stared at this dress wondering how to style it. For the moment, it’s a bit too long so I thought propping myself up on heels would help. It does, of course. I feel like a tall goddess!

Honestly, I cannot say enough good things about this dress (and really, all of the LOA pieces that I’ve touched – the fabric selections are unparalleled, I’m talking soft, thick, drapey, beautiful goodness). When I was planning this outfit in my head (and I have thought of a few more) I wished for a leather jacket, but I realized that a cotton one was more in keeping with the LOA core values, so in the end, I’m glad I don’t have a leather jacket :).

Anything that makes me feel this good is a winner.

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