Made InLand

Made InLand

This weekend Julien and I headed out to Toronto to visit Made Inland. I had such a grand time! Discovered a bunch of new Canadian brands, and bought the most beautiful items:

Sunglasses from AmeVie

Key Maxi from Lights of All (I also have the MA top)

Ines Shirt from Ethereal

These sunnies are so great!

We spent the weekend with Julien’s sister and her boyfriend, and we had a lovely time. I also got to try an Uncle Tetsu cheesecake! Full review: I didn’t like it, it was too eggy? Like an omelet cake more than a cheesecake. I’d eat it again, but I wouldn’t stand in line.

Toronto just has everything, though. Food, shopping, sunshine, it was a great weekend! We ordered in and watched Letterkenny until all hours (midnight), and on the way home, grabbed some Denny’s.

In unrelated news I am trying a new app, MindShift, for my (crippling) anxiety. I don’t know if it is helping. Mostly it tells me stuff like this:


and I get angry at it like – “you think I don’t know that?” Which is maybe not the most helpful reaction, but sometimes it shakes me out of it. Other times, it’s actually pretty soothing.

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