San Francisco Trip

For Julien’s work, he had to spend three days in SF attending a conference. We extended the trip to cover a weekend, and managed to get quite a lot of sightseeing done!

Julien wanted to stop at Alice’s Restaurant, so we did that – the cars and motorcycles in the lot were pretty impressive! – and did a pretty cool drive down some twisty roads on the way.

We headed down the coast to check out Santa Cruz, it was super beautiful and I got a terrible sunburn. My nose is still red, it’s been weeks. My goodness what a beautiful day, though! Clear skies, ice creams, seaside.

The next day, we headed up to Muir woods to check out the MASSIVE trees. I’m talking three people wide, at least, and so tall! It was really incredible. A friend who we met up with down there described it as “like the Night Elf forest, but real”. It so was! It was really wonderful, I can’t recommend it highly enough. We don’t have anything remotely like it around here!

Into the city of SF, we explored the touristy places: Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf, which were so crowded and unpleaseant! I think we’re going to stop hitting the “points of interest” because we don’t enjoy them. We walked up around the lesser-trafficked areas and enjoyed it a lot more. A detour up to the house featured in Season Two of the OA was a major highlight – there is a park (Ina Coolbrith Park) across the street with incredible views over the city, and the Bay.

We ambled around Chinatown and the Tenderloin, where our hotel was, and all-in-all had a wonderful time.

Another highlight was the Museum of Ice Cream! I wasn’t 100% sure (OK, at all sure) what I was getting into with this one – was it a museum with some ice cream history?


It’s basically an instagram haven. There’s a sprinkle pool with a slide, a mirrorball room, everything is pink or turquoise, and they feed you sweets at every turn. It was super pricey, but I loved it, so worthwile. It was really nice to be indoors, too!

I’d absolutely go back, we had a fantastic trip. I am learning I prefer the outskirts and outdoorsy areas to cities, so I will try to keep that in mind while planning our next holiday!

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