June 8th, 2019 by Sabrina Constans

We had the great pleasure of dogsitting Edgar!

He’s such a good boy. We took him for walks and he was very interested in snuggs. He is just the cutest, and so so much work! I often wish we had a dog, but I don’t have the energy – three times a day walkies, constant need for attention, always moving, whoof! I loved having him for visits, but I think full-time care is not for me. Very grateful for my kitties.

Speaking of, this little one is back in a cone:

She started over-grooming her tail again when we got home from holiday, and we thought it prudent to put her in the collar until she calms down. She is such a goofball in the cone. Tattles has no idea who she is, hisses whenever she walks by.

Have you checked out Dinette magazine? It’s super well put-together. The recipes are really well thought out, I cannot wait to try their asparagus from this issue. Sundays these days are spent with a Yo and a magazine on the balcony. Wonderful days.

Speaking of asparagus!!! Check this guy out! I grew an asparagus! This is our first year, so we can’t harvest them, but look at that! It’s an asparagus for SURE. I look forward to eating it next year!!

We also have rhubarbs that I need to grab and turn into pie!

Happy Summer!

One Hundred Stars

June 5th, 2019 by Sabrina Constans
Kimono – One Hundred Stars

I heard about these kimonos / robes a few years ago after I fell in love with a robe Nigella Lawson had on (and I’m not the only one!)

The price tag with shipping was a little steep for me, so I waited and waited and finally was like “look, it’s been two years of gawking at this site, I’m pretty sure I will love this”. What really pushed me over the edge was my sister-in-law saying she’d been looking for the perfect kimono. Well, I knew where to find it and mother’s day was coming up so I may as well get three!

You know when you finally buy something and you wish you had splurged sooner? This is so lightweight, so soft, so luxurious. It’s like wearing the most beautiful thing you can imagine, and nothing at all.

I wore it to my Auntie Carole’s 80th birthday luncheon, paired with my Cult Gaia Ark (gift from Leah) and the beat-to-heck but still fantastic Louboutins I found in SF for 88$! Because I am not a heels person, I left the house in flats. I’m not cut out for heels-all-day, let alone 120mm ones!

Catio snuggles.

It’s finally summery enough to hang out outside with the kitties on the enclosed catio upstairs. Kisses and I read a bit, while she asked all sorts of questions I couldn’t answer.

Love summer, hate everything else. xoxo.

Green Coat

May 30th, 2019 by Sabrina Constans
Everything I’m wearing was a gift, or thrifted.

This wrap coat was a gift from my mother-in-law. She often picks out over-layers for me that I wouldn’t look at for myself, but I get them and love them, and wear them to death.

It’s such a simple piece, the edges are just serged, and there’s no lining or fussy bits. It’s just a toss-on-and-be-cozy piece that looks great and keeps me warm on chilly spring days!

I’m wearing almost exclusively jeans lately. I think it’s the weather – too chilly for skirts / dresses / shorts, yet, but that won’t last long now! In June we’ll all start complaining about the humidity. I can’t wait!

I am grabbing tulips as they come up and popping them into little arrangements. I love how this one came out! It’s super fragrant and the yellow tulip just speaks to me. This one is from my MIL’s garden – all my garden tulips are pink or red!

Things I’m looking forward to this month include:

  • holiday in June – took off the days between St-Jean and Canada Day. Four vacation days for ten days off! Yes please!
  • cleaning out the garage. We’re re-doing the garage out back (currently it has a dirt floor and is .. sinking). The first step is cleaning it out! There’s so much junk stashed away in the ceiling that we were like “might need this one day!”
  • reading. Circe just came up on my library holds, and I am just finishing up The Three-Body Problem. Some great summer reads in my future!

California Coast

May 28th, 2019 by Sabrina Constans

Missed some photos from our California trip! We did a drive down the coast, stopped at a few amazing beaches and viewpoints, and very excitingly, one of the beaches was down what can only be described as a cliff.

You walk down and you’re like “Oh, this is getting steeper.”


And you use the rope to get down the rest of the way, because it’s like straight down.

Anyway it was amazing and I did it and I didn’t cry so go me.

San Francisco Trip

May 27th, 2019 by Sabrina Constans

For Julien’s work, he had to spend three days in SF attending a conference. We extended the trip to cover a weekend, and managed to get quite a lot of sightseeing done!

Julien wanted to stop at Alice’s Restaurant, so we did that – the cars and motorcycles in the lot were pretty impressive! – and did a pretty cool drive down some twisty roads on the way.

We headed down the coast to check out Santa Cruz, it was super beautiful and I got a terrible sunburn. My nose is still red, it’s been weeks. My goodness what a beautiful day, though! Clear skies, ice creams, seaside.

The next day, we headed up to Muir woods to check out the MASSIVE trees. I’m talking three people wide, at least, and so tall! It was really incredible. A friend who we met up with down there described it as “like the Night Elf forest, but real”. It so was! It was really wonderful, I can’t recommend it highly enough. We don’t have anything remotely like it around here!

Into the city of SF, we explored the touristy places: Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf, which were so crowded and unpleaseant! I think we’re going to stop hitting the “points of interest” because we don’t enjoy them. We walked up around the lesser-trafficked areas and enjoyed it a lot more. A detour up to the house featured in Season Two of the OA was a major highlight – there is a park (Ina Coolbrith Park) across the street with incredible views over the city, and the Bay.

We ambled around Chinatown and the Tenderloin, where our hotel was, and all-in-all had a wonderful time.

Another highlight was the Museum of Ice Cream! I wasn’t 100% sure (OK, at all sure) what I was getting into with this one – was it a museum with some ice cream history?


It’s basically an instagram haven. There’s a sprinkle pool with a slide, a mirrorball room, everything is pink or turquoise, and they feed you sweets at every turn. It was super pricey, but I loved it, so worthwile. It was really nice to be indoors, too!

I’d absolutely go back, we had a fantastic trip. I am learning I prefer the outskirts and outdoorsy areas to cities, so I will try to keep that in mind while planning our next holiday!

Ethereal Blouse

May 22nd, 2019 by Sabrina Constans
Blouse – Ethereal
Cami – Lilysilk
Jeans – BDG
Yes, my backyard needs weeding.

I saw this cropped lacy blouse at Made-Inland and had to have it. Luckily, the L fit, so it was mine. I met the designer/creator of the line and she was so sweet. The whole line is really feminine and lovely. I love the Sophie Camisole, and the Louis blouse!

This top is difficult for me to wear because I don’t own a smooth bra that is subtle, but with this white camisole, I think it works! I’m planning a trip to Debra to get something nude/smooth/supportive to wear with this because it deserves it.

These jeans, on the other hand, do not work for me and never have. I don’t know why I still wear them excep that they continue to fit. Any ideas on how to make them work for me are welcome – the waist is too high and the hem too short; there’s too much stretch to the fabric so by the end of the day I’m all knees and creases (see – end of the day: all creasy).

As you can see, it’s finally Spring! My tulips are fully bloomed, and that’s our cherry bush behind me, getting ready to explode cherries, I hope. Gotta figure out what to do with them, this year. Also, need a cherry pitter.

I grabbed some of the tulips and popped them into my ikebana vase, I love Spring!

The little sprig at the bottom is peony shoots! I really like how it compliments the roundness of the tulips.

The vase was a gift from Lauren, when she was off in PEI – it’s from Dunes Studio, and I adore it. Whenever I brought it to jiyuka week in ikebana class, everyone raved about how lovely it is.

I’m OK at jiyuka, I think. Not so good at other styles, the rules make me panic – not what you want from an activity you take up to to get your mind relaxed!

Cozy in Sonoma

May 18th, 2019 by Sabrina Constans

Was in Sunny California this week for a conference in San Francisco. This was my favourite outfit of the trip.

Top – Lights of All
Pants – Odeyalo
Necklace – Goye Ceramiste
Taco Bag – Atelier HotelMotel

Not only is it super cozy, but I also look really put together! I think it’s down to the taco bag: this is such a great size, and I love the pop of colour it brings. It holds my phone and wallet, keys, and lipstick easily, I also had to stash some cold medicine because I got sick on the plane!

The shirt is Lights of All, and I am addicted to this brand. The cuts work for me and the fabric is heavenly.

We had a super great trip and I will put together a post soon but I wanted to share this outfit first. Coziness, can’t go wrong.

Key Maxi

May 9th, 2019 by Sabrina Constans
Dress – Lights Of All
Jacket – Le Chateau
Boots – Doc Martens
Sunglasses – AmeVie

Post-visit to Toronto for Made Inland, I have worn these sunglasses daily and stared at this dress wondering how to style it. For the moment, it’s a bit too long so I thought propping myself up on heels would help. It does, of course. I feel like a tall goddess!

Honestly, I cannot say enough good things about this dress (and really, all of the LOA pieces that I’ve touched – the fabric selections are unparalleled, I’m talking soft, thick, drapey, beautiful goodness). When I was planning this outfit in my head (and I have thought of a few more) I wished for a leather jacket, but I realized that a cotton one was more in keeping with the LOA core values, so in the end, I’m glad I don’t have a leather jacket :).

Anything that makes me feel this good is a winner.

Made InLand

May 6th, 2019 by Sabrina Constans
Made InLand

This weekend Julien and I headed out to Toronto to visit Made Inland. I had such a grand time! Discovered a bunch of new Canadian brands, and bought the most beautiful items:

Sunglasses from AmeVie

Key Maxi from Lights of All (I also have the MA top)

Ines Shirt from Ethereal

These sunnies are so great!

We spent the weekend with Julien’s sister and her boyfriend, and we had a lovely time. I also got to try an Uncle Tetsu cheesecake! Full review: I didn’t like it, it was too eggy? Like an omelet cake more than a cheesecake. I’d eat it again, but I wouldn’t stand in line.

Toronto just has everything, though. Food, shopping, sunshine, it was a great weekend! We ordered in and watched Letterkenny until all hours (midnight), and on the way home, grabbed some Denny’s.

In unrelated news I am trying a new app, MindShift, for my (crippling) anxiety. I don’t know if it is helping. Mostly it tells me stuff like this:


and I get angry at it like – “you think I don’t know that?” Which is maybe not the most helpful reaction, but sometimes it shakes me out of it. Other times, it’s actually pretty soothing.

Building a Better Wardrobe ~and haircut~

April 4th, 2019 by Sabrina Constans
Blouse: Rightful Owner
Weather: Spring! Brown Grass! Yes!

Slowly, slowly I am working on a completely sustainable wardrobe. It’s been a number of years I’ve been on this path, but I’m really feeling like I’ve found designers who work for my style in the past year or so, and it’s been a lot more fun than it has been in a long while.

This blouse is by Rightful Owner, and it is so beautiful! I love how it looks at once modern and vintage, and the perfect puff sleeve makes me so happy.

Look at the sleeve!

I’m learning to sew (again, slowly), and that I think will be a big help in keeping my wardrobe exciting to me, well-fitting, and fun. No more pestering my mom and MIL to make me dresses, I’m a strong independent woman who don’t need no help. (I do, though). So far I have hemmed pants and taken in the jeans from the top image. You just sew up the seam on the outside! It worked like a dream. Now, I don’t need new jeans 😀

By Lou at Unlistd.

My hair is growing! I now have kind-of a bob! I have 0 regrets on keeping it short for these years, but man growing it out is tough. It’s true what they say, that the key to keeping it nice is regular cuts. Counterintuitive if you’re growing it out to get it cut, but it really keeps everything looking Intentional instead of messy.

Later, gators.


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