where does one wear an entirely lace top?

Pants, Marigold
Top, Ethereal
Belt Bag, Atelier HotelMotel
Shoes, Louboutins


This blouse makes me feel so good – comfortable in the skin everyone can see. I got a number of disapproving looks, but I feel like it’s not that scandalous. Next top I plan to get from this label is the Louis. (Another Crop Top, Sabrina? Yes.)

Also can we talk about the Taco bag? It is so perfectly sized: phone, wallet, keys (which I have started hanging off the exterior loop as a kind of extra dangle), little bit of extra room for whatever else you might need for the evening, good to go – hands free! It’s super convenient.

Leah is wearing her Daytime Nightgown from her label, Caulis!
I get mine, soon.

On this particular evening we did the WINECLUB event at Datcha, and then were off to catch some Star-Trek themed burlesque at the Wiggle Room. Super great evening, I don’t mind telling you.

Cat Photo:

The two human adults are crammed onto our tiny couch so she isn’t disturbed.

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