I just needed to wear a sweatsuit (comfy) this weekend and not look like I was wearing a sweatsuit (cute), so I broke out my two favourite locally made pieces.

Pants – Odeyalo
Top – Eliza Faulkner
Necklace – Goye
High-Tops – Adidas
“Belt Bag” (Fanny pack) – Zara

They’re both made in Montreal! I’m super in love with the Raffi top, I wear it probably more often than I should, but I feel so good in it! Comfy and stylish and fantastic, no complaints. The finishing work on it is incredible, the seams are covered with ribbon, can you imagine? The inside of my top is as pretty as the outside.

These pants are new and so cozy, but I’m not 100% sold on the quality of them, I’ve worn them twice and already the thighs are pilling – and I haven’t washed them yet! Hopefully this is the extent of the deterioration, but we’ll see. They’re 10/10 for comfort, though.

I love that I can now put together entire outfits of locally made, conscious consumerism stuff that isn’t “crunchy” in style. There’s been a major movement the past few years toward responsible fashion, and I am so for it. Part of me is still super maximalism, and that makes it really hard to not go for fast-fashion, but I am proud to say with very few exceptions, I haven’t bought anything Fast Fashion for going on seven years. I scratch my cheapie deepie itch with thrifted pieces, and really only make a clothing purchase every few months. Far cry from when this started, I was shopping almost daily at F21 or H&M. I’m really pleased I’ve managed to curb that, while staying true to my OTT fashion heart.

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