No more.

So we had to flee after the snowstorm, it was just too much. Luckily, Lauren and Mike were in Cancun and we joined them for a little long weekend!

Sorry for my butt. Swimsuit from Simons.

It was our first time going down south for a holiday, and it was pretty great. We stayed at an all-inclusive, which was not my style but very relaxing. Had some great food and really disconnected.

I brought a few swimsuits with me, to make this a little bit closet-y. One from Asos’ Fuller Bust line, which is SUPER cute but doesn’t really offer as much support as I would like. If you are looking for something sexy or cute and not matronly, I highly recommend them. They size up to G (UK)!

I have a super soft spot for bathing suits, even though I live in a climate where they are not super useful, and the Asos ones make me want hundreds. Yay for inclusive sizing on cute things!

Sunrise! Swimsuit is the Eloise from Rosa Faia.

My favourite is quite matronly but makes me feel like a million bucks so I don’t care. I got it at Lingerie Debra, and it’s the Eloise by Rosa Faia.

I thought for sure because the back is quite low cut it would offer me nothing, but everything feels super great. I would even consider a run along the beach in it. The butt goes see-through on me, not sure if this is a common issue or just the size of my ace.

If you’ve never been to Lingerie Debra, it changed my life. They’re beyond wonderful.

I sat on the pier for so long the birds accepted me as one of their own. I, however, did not accept them.

So, it was our first time in Mexico, first time at an all-inclusive, and first time doing a mini-break in winter, I think. Lots of firsts! We should definitely do it again, I had a wonderful time. Lauren and Mike are spectacular travel companions – so positive and fun.

Lauren & Mike – travel buds

If we were to do Mexico again, I’d definitely do it a bit differently : The All-inclusive vibe isn’t for me, I tend to think of my hotel / airbnb as a base for sleeping and nothing else, whereas this time we left the resort only once! For a four-day reset, though, it was perfect.

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