Cabin in the Woods

Over the winter we rented the best cabin in the world on AirBnB. Honestly, it was perfect. We played Battleship, and Scrabble, and sat in the hot tub and drank wine and ate bone marrow and made French Onion Soup and just relaxed.


This is Julien’s Battleship strategy. CAN YOU IMAGINE?! He’s a monster.


We went with Aaron & Leah and EDGAR, THE BEST DOG EVER. Edgar likes long walks in the snow, and probably on the beach, and he loves snuggles, and he wears his hair in a little ponytail.

EDGAR, complete with mini pony and little tiny paws. Look at those tiny paws, LOOK AT THEM.


It wasn’t quite off-grid.

We also hooked up the NES to the GIANT PROJECTOR. Did I say best cabin or what?! Very seldom do I think “I will rent this same cabin again” but I totally will. It’s across the street from a genuine farm, where we met cows and then ate some of the cows (not the same ones, I assume). We went for a walk around the (giant, beautiful) property and just felt absolutely wonderful. Super great cabin, seriously. Will go again.