Springtime Walks

Yes, I’m very behind. It turns out, though, I uploaded a bunch of photos and never did posts with them. Here is one such post. 

This Spring we did a bunch of lovely walks in the parks around town! It turns out I really like being out-of-doors, who knew. (A: NOT I!) 

Family fishing at the Lachine Sculpture Park
Family fishing at the Lachine Sculpture Park


Lachine Sculpture Park trees
Pink trees! I could have laid under them all day long. It’s super nice to look back now that it’s autumn at the Spring – it seemed really long ago, so we must’ve had a nice year!
Lachine Sculpture Park - beaversky
This is a huge metal dome thing, and the view from the middle, looking to the sky.
Cap-Saint-Jacques Nature Park  
Bark of some kind of tree at Cap-Saint-Jacques Nature Park. We had gone after a load of flooding hit the island, and many of the trails were closed.
Bois de L'lle Bizard
My focus is often poor. Julien enjoying the views at Bois de L’lle Bizard
Some of the park was totally flooded – and some was super dry!
Morgan Arboretum – We did a guided walk and learned all about useful plants in the area! Jewelweed for soap, willow for pain relief, and birchbark baskets 😀


We took a bunch of really nice walks this summer. Hopefully when winter sets in we’ll get to do some snowshoeing in these same parts!