Night Sky

It turns out I really enjoy taking pictures of things, for fun. I don’t think I ever really had ‘hobbies’ before, but I guess I would consider taking pictures of things a hobby, now. Not people, people are too hard and they complain too much. Things, though. Things are nice. And I guess cats. Cats are super cute, always. So, here are things:

Nighttime! That might be a SHOOTING STAR that I took a picture of!


Nighttime! We (“we”, I slept in the car) drove up to Lac Megantic on a clear night so that Julie could take pictures of the sky. I took some, too, obviously, and three turned out okay. Not great, not as good as his, but okay. I’m happy with them. I’m eager to learn more about how to take pictures of things, and maybe one day I will take an amazing picture of a thing. But I’m learning, and it’s fun, so that’s pretty okay šŸ™‚

I realize none of these things are pictures of what I’m wearing. That’s because lately I wear a uniform: jeans or pants, sweater. I did get Julie to take a picture of an outfit I was super keen on the other day, which I will post soon. By and large, though, I ain’t being so creative with the ol’ outfits. Lack of time and inspiration, I suppose. I will address this more in the forthcoming outfit post. Until then, you can look at my pictures of things, and other stuff in my life, if you want. If you don’t want, that’s OK too.

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