Winter Hikes

I find that I kindof like outdoorsy things these days. I used to be not one for such – I was an indoor person: I read, I shop, I’m cozy. As time goes on, though, I look forward to walks in the woods, forest bathing, and, in the winter, a bit of the ol’ snowshoeing. 

It was -30C when these were taken! We were brave and intrepid Canadians, though, and traipsed around the mountain like it was a piece of frozen cake. 

Worth it for the views.

This year, winter is going by so quickly! I have a hard time believing it’s already mid-January. Pretty soon everything will be melting and we’ll already be late in planting the garden. 

My mom got me this winter coat and it is super warm. It’s my third year with it, and I am really happy with it. Even on the coldest of days, it keeps me cozy. Add three or four scarves and a hat or two and you don’t even realize how cold it is. (You do.)