Family Trip – May 2018

This May, as soon as flights on Toulouse started, we headed to France to spend time with Julien’s grandma. At 98, we’re spending as much time with her as possible! She’s a truly amazing lady.

She lives in the south of France, which means we get to explore the most amazing places nearby. This time, we stayed quite close to home, venturing only as far as Perpignan (~ 1.5 hrs from home base). While there, we checked out the Palace of the Kings of Majorca! It was super cool.

Julien & I at the Palais des Rois de Majorque in Perpignan.

One afternoon, we headed out to Albi, got caught in the rain, and took refuge at the Musée de la Mode – a private collection which was quite a sight. So many beautiful dresses! 

We happened upon a town fair celebrating its 761st year, in Tarascon. They put on quite a show, with costumes from their sister cities, a marching band, and a King and Queen of the Foire. We watched the whole thing, and then stuck around for some reunnionais food, and churros.

Foire de Tarascon

Mostly, we kicked around at home, spent time with Mamie, and disconnected a bit from life at home. It was a good holiday. 

Hello Kitty Vans, road thyme, road fennel.