Adventures in Spain

We got to do quite a bit of travelling this year. One of my favourite little jaunts was through Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici National Park, in northern Spain.


All along the trail, there were baby cows (and non-baby cows, but these are pretty baby). It was a good two hours hike along the trail, some of it quite steep, and I had a pretty rough time of it, but looking back on the photos all of that bad stuff is gone and it’s just like “hey we should do this again, so amazing!”

There were ants in the tree. He poked near them. This is him reacting.


Along the way we met a tree full of ants. The shady spots of the trail were SUPER welcome, it was really warm. Luckily, much of the trail was covered. 




Regilait is hiking necessary.

We got to our destination, a clearing with a lake and a mountain and it was juuust stunning, so we had a wee picnic and took a walk around the area. Little break from the climb up was so welcome, too! One of the things I love about Europe is how picnic friendly it is! Just about everywhere you can sidle up and have a break, spread out your blankie and just nap in the sunshine. 


Meeting cows.

They’re not super sure about humans, which made me happy because it means tourists aren’t constantly hand-feeding them.  This is the closest we got, and he ran off to be with the rest of his pals pretty quickly. 

Our final destination!

Mountain from our rest spot was super majestic. Aiguestortes – well worth the trip! We sat down and had a mini picnic (regilait, saucisson, you know – the essentials), took a little nap, took a walk around the man-made lake, and just took it in. 


River near the beginning of the trail

In my photo class I learned a bit about long exposure! This was before then, so I am hopeful I can make nicer / more stable shots in the future. This was hand-held over a railing, so you can definitely see a little shake. Nonetheless, it is lovely and I am moderately proud of it.

En route to Spain, wild horses.


Taken from the car – wild horsies!