One outfit post.

Would you look at that, sometimes I still take photos of what I wear.

This one was actually really quite difficult to take, because the timer was disagreeing with me, and the lens was like “I’mma focus on that tree behind you, k?” so there was ONE good / relatively clear / facing the camera picture. This is it.

I’m wearing my new silk blouse, which I adore and makes me feel like a soft goddess, and some black skinny jeans, and my studded booties, which you cannot see because LOOK IT IS REALLY  HARD TO OPERATE A SELF-TIMER OK?

This is my first time attempting the half-tuck, which apparently is all the rage. I liked it. I felt tall (I recently found out I am five foot TWO!) and I feel like the half-tuck lends itself well to the blousey kind of shirt, like “I could tuck it in all the way, but then it would be quite 90s, and we’re not doing that, this is modern 90s.”

My hair is doing its own thing, these days. I get the bottom and the ears shaved and the top is growing and sometimes I colour my blonde streak and sometimes it’s just blonde.

There is not much else, news wise, going on, I don’t think. It’s fall, fall is nice. I wish to do all the fall things (and now this is in my head!) such as apple picking and pumpkin picking and wearing leggings with sweaters and making pumpkin pie and avoiding PSL because they make me sick ( 🙁 🙁 ) .. I’ve started my Christmas shopping and that is just going OK. Part of me is like “Go overboard! Spoil people!” and the other part is like “.. but with things you made yourself, because $$$” We’ll see how that goes!

One thought on “One outfit post.

  1. I like the half tuck! You do look tall.
    Despite the self-timer being tricky, I think this shot turned out really nice!

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