33rd Birthday

I was pretty fortunate this year, and got to spend my 33rd birthday in the Big Apple. Took off at 07h00, arrived for lunch, spent the evening and day walking around, dinner at Dirt Candy, met up with my great friend Shiovawn (who recently moved to Seattle, WA) and back home the next day.


I love New York. I can’t really explain it. The oppressively large buildings, the throngs of people, the anonymity of it all – it’s absolutely beautiful, and being there makes me feel like a movie star. Above: lunch on day two at ‘smac – two kinds of (gluten-free) mac and cheese. SO delicious. There’s nothing like this at home, and it was absolutely amazing.


Jules and I headed up to the High Line, bespectacled in my new Clubmasters (gift from my favourite person). Beautiful views, and so nice to have a park right in the middle of it all!


Ater dinner at Dirt Candy, where we had brussel sprout tacos (!!!) and a cucumber semifredo, we went to pick up Babycakes. This is the neighbourhood. It seems that all of New York is like this: it feels quite ‘real’.


View from the High Line.

Hopefully, it won’t be four years until the next time! New York City is just top.

One thought on “33rd Birthday

  1. You guys went to DIRT CANDY! That’s super cool! They had an article in the CBC about them a while back, Canadian chef. How was it?

    I really like your last photo. Perspective-y goodness. 🙂

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