Wear: Friday

It’s getting pretty cold, single digits today, but I want to get my summeriest dresses in one more time before fall.

While I was trying to arrange my clothes by type, I haphazardly tossed these two items next to each other and thought “Ack! Perfect!”. The silhouette of this dress is really lovely, and the back has an exposed zip. It’s among my favourites. I have always been a little afraid of mixing patterns, but I think the black and white of the dots make it easier.
The blouse is entirely sheer, so requires a bit of jiggering to be made appropriate. I’ve worn it with very high waisted pants, skirts, with a jacket, a vest, and now, a dress!

Dress, Winners
Blouse, H&M
Belt, came on a dress (TJ Maxx)
Tights, Zellers
Shoes, Rocket Dog
Headband, self made

Wear: Thursday

I got rained on on my way home, and had chiro / massage today, so my hair is both massage-oiled up and rainy, so I may resemble a sad, wet rat.

Monthly chiropracty means monthly non-dresses, since they occasionally need easy access to my lower back, so I broke out pants today. I don’t wear a lot of pants, I’m not all that keen on them. I bought these two years ago at my boyfriend at the time’s prompting, he loved them. I’m still not sure. The colour doesn’t seem to go with anything, and I hemmed them a wee bit too short. I always feel like pants make my legs look shorter than they are (and at 4’11”, they’re not that long to begin with). I favour dresses because they’re so easy (an entire outfit in one item!).

I do love this sweater though, it’s my favourite shade of blue / teal, and I think the neckline is darling. I always gravitate toward tie-neck tops, but with my height, a higher neckline is less flattering. This one is low enough that I keep my neck, but gives me the giant bow that I adore.

Pants, H&M
Sweater, Wal-Mart
Leopard headband, Ardene

Mani, self-applied, and therefore messy, but I LOVE the style. I’m going to try again tonight, in black and pink, I think.

Wear: Wednesday

I nearly always wear comfy dresses on Wednesday. There’s still two whole days left, but I’m exhausted already, and the easiest thing I own seems like a good idea.

I have this dress in two colours, black and olive green. It’s super comfortable. Stretchy waistband, light easy wrinkle-proof fabric. It’s awesome. And sort of pretty!
Dress, H&M
Capelet, handknit christmas present
Belt, ModCloth
Shoes, Zellers
Tights, F21
Handbag, vintage, from my mom

I didn’t feel like finding a necklace that hit at the right level, so I’m wearing two watches and five bracelets. When I was a teenager, I regularly wore a tonne of bracelets at once, and I stopped when I started working because I hate hearing them bang on the desk. So, I tend to take off a few during the day and leave them next to my keyboard if I don’t want to be annoyed.

Plain bangles, Anne Klein, my mom’s
Flowery clasp bangle, F21
Striped silver bangle, my parent’s trip to Mexico in 1984

Black and White watch, Mudd
Black and Silver watch, Avon
Black bracelet, my best friend’s trip to Spain in 2010

Wear: Chilly Out!

We’re in the low teens temperature wise today, it’s beginning to feel rather autumny. Today was rainy and grey, and chilly. I love it. I wish it was like this all year round. I love fall fashion above all others. Boots and knits and tights and lightweight jackets and umbrellas and hats and light scarves, it’s my favourite time of year by far.

It’s day two of Yay-ModCloth-Order-Yay!! so I’m wearing my new dress, which again I like a lot more in person than I did online, and my new belt, which is absolutely darling. The fit on the dress is again not perfect – this time far too large in the armholes, resulting in a good three inches of bra showing on the side. With a jacket, it’s fine. I think it puckers too much to do a cute top underneath, unfortunately.

Belt & Dress, ModCloth

Headband & Jacket, H&M

Flats & Tights, Zellers

Necklace, “borrowed” from my mom when I was 14

Handbag, Globo Shoes

My hair was a bit on the messy side today. I did not want to get out of bed this morning and decided to see if I could go from my bed to the office without hitting the mirror. I did, so this is entirely uncombed, just headband and go. I think it works.
This headband hurts my noggin. It’s a wee bit too tight!

Wear: New, new, new

I got my very first ModCloth order! I bought a few lovely things, almost none of which fit. I tell myself they will, soon.

I have a real problem with not wearing everything new all at once, and here I am wearing three new purchases in one outfit: socks, shoes, blouse.

I bought the Whistler’s Sister blouse because I don’t own a single white blouse and thought it would be a nice addition to my wardrobe. When I got it, I was absolutely enamored by it! The sleeve detail is so much more special than I imagined, and I think really makes it a unique piece.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t come close to closing over my chest. I thought on it, and decided to try to wear it under a vest I knew covered most of my bra, and I am pretty happy with how it turned out.
Blouse, Whistler’s Sister , ModCloth
Pleated Skirt, H&M
Pinstripe Vest, Maker’s of True Originals
Socks & Shoes, Forever21
Pendant, Le Chateau Outlet when I was 16.

I carried my red and white carpet bag, adorned with a brooch gifted to me in Toronto – with little shoe and bag charms. I love this brooch, but it’s a bit large to wear on my clothes. I thought this was a nice way to incorporate it into my daily wear.

Read: That Extra Half an Inch

In 1996, I was 13 years old, and I loved the Spice Girls.

Yeah, I said it.

I recorded the ‘Wannabe’ music video on VHS and learned all of Victoria Adams’ moves. My sister and I (4 years younger, and lover of all things sporty, including Mel C.) would stand in the living room in front of the TV and sing along, jumping, dancing and laughing all the way. And singing. Probably poorly.

My mom got in on the action when ‘Stop’ came out. She insisted, though, that the lyrics were ‘Stop right now, turn yourself around’.

I love the Spice Girls, and I wanted to BE Posh.

I dragged my sister to see them when they came to Montreal for the reunion tour and I may have cried a little. I know I danced. A lot. My crappy point-and-shoot ate batteries like mad, and I used six or seven pairs that night. I took video of Victoria’s catwalk strut, and gave my business card to a girl who had a much better camera next to me, asking her to send me the photos she had taken (she didn’t).

I still love the Spice Girls. I still want to BE Posh.

So when I came upon That Extra Half An Inch in the bookstore, I may have squeed a little.

I wasn’t expecting a whole lot in the content department, but I was surprised. It is witty, funny, and seems genuine. She doesn’t paint herself as a high-maintenance popstar, but a busy mum. A busy mum with a line of jeans, sunnies, and footballer husband, sure, but a real person with concerns about her bum, comfort, and which-shoes-go-with-that-bag.

That Extra Half An Inch was really fun to read, I smiled through the whole thing, and laughed out loud on the bus once or twice.

There are a few points where it does seem a bit like an advertisement for dVB jeans (with just the right amount of stretch in the denim, apparently) – but all in all I think it was a great book with valuable information in it. If you can call “if you’ve got your knockers out, cover up your pins” valuable, and I think I can.

Also, the bright pink petticoat she wears in a few of the photos may have (almost certainly) cemented my ‘need’ for a petticoat. Maybe.

Celebrate: 27th Birthday

I turn 27 in about 15 minutes. On Saturday, my friends and I celebrated with a fancy dress picnic. I wore my Isaac Mizrahi dress from Target, a new navy blue square dancing petticoat I got on Ebay, my favourite fancy headband from F21, and navy blue heels by Michael Antonio.

To add a little interest to the plain dress, I clipped an 80s clip on earring to the neckline, and wore my pink, blue, and aqua dome ring from F21, and a simple silvertone bracelet from Zellers.

It was a great party, and hopefully new photos will appear soon.


I’ve moved house and unpacked at least the wardrobe boxes. Unfortunately, my new apartment is so much smaller than the last that I have nowhere to put : shoes, handbags, and about half my hanging clothes items. Hurray!

I suppose I could purge, but I intensely don’t want to.

Wear: Favourite Things

I own a boatload of things. This set shows my favourites, I think.
I don’t yet own the bow-clutch, but it will be mine. Soon.

Isaac Mizrahi for Target dress, in Ebony – Target
Betsey Johnson Terra in Red – DJPremium
Betsey Johnson Bow-tiful clutch – Winners
Feather hair clip – Forever21
Garbo Floral Necklace – Beyond the Rack (pictured is a bit different than the one I have, but close).

Maybe when I unpack I’ll wear this outfit as one. It sort of goes.

Other favourites:
My Lollipops Paris bag in purple leather with black lace
My Betseyville Zebra print tote
Christian Siriano for Payless cage booties
Hand-knit capelet

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