Wear: Sunday, Sunday SUNDAAAY!

My nephew, Big-T, had his second birthday party today. I wore a party hat, as it has been decided this is tradition.

Blue hair seems to be far, far more upkeep than pink. Every time I wash it the shade changes. It’s back to looking like there are streaks of baby blue, and I hate that. So, I’ll recolour it tonight.

These tights fall down past my knees. It’s infuriating. I had to excuse myself to the washroom no fewer than four times, and it’s super uncomfortable. I don’t know if it is them or the shape of my bum or what, but I’m going to cut out the tights part and turn them into otk socks. Hopefully they won’t roll down too much, or they’re just heading for the trash.

Blouse, Tank, and Skirt, H&M
Cardi, Zellers
Tights, a store on St-Laurent
Sweater clip, and goldtone bracelet, Lady Jane
Pearl bracelets, gift

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