Wear: Thursday & Friday

Apparently, it is ‘so so creepy’ that I always have the same body position. It’s not intentional, it’s just what feels semi-natural. Have you ever tried to take a photo of yourself on a 12-second timer? It’s hard!

I went shopping for my newphew’s second birthday last night. I got him: two books (Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar, and The Eensy Weensie Spider), an Ed Hardy onesie, and some Hockey Guys (Koivu and Kovalev?). He’ll like them, because he loves singing, and hockey. And my sister seems like the Ed Hardy type.

Sweater, H&M
Dress, TJ Maxx
Tights, no idea
Shoes, Payless

I have way more shoes than I seem to wear. I’m surprised, though, at how much I have in the clothes department. I’ve yet to repeat, and I still have two full racks and a closetful of untouched items (as well as a dresser that is overflowing and two underbed storage thingies with things that don’t fit). I need to pare down, or something.

Today, I woke up late again. It’s the weather, I think. I threw together a dress I forgot was as low cut as it is, and a cardi I had at the office.

Dress, thrifted
Cardi, Wal-Mart
Knee-socks, Ardene
Boots, Naturalizer
Necklace, Zellers

3 thoughts on “Wear: Thursday & Friday

  1. You should check out the next Take Off Your Clothes clothing swap! A good way to get rid of excess that you don’t wear/don’t like/doesn’t fit and come home with a few new goodies too.


    I always want to hibernate in the winter too. Especially when the day length is changing so that you have to get up in the dark.

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