Wear: Wednesday

I look about as tired as I feel, maybe a bit rougher. It was a long day. I can usually get away with sleeping til 9:45, and rolling out of bed into the outfit I’ve laid out, but I neglected to pick something last night, so this is me thinking “jeans.. close.. tennis shoes.. comfy” and then running to catch a cab. I also had to rinse my hair as there was leave-in conditioner in it since my latest foray into home-colouring was a bit of a disaster and totally destroyed my ends! It was a rough morning, and a rougher day. On the upside, my two readers came to the office today! Hello, two readers! (And mina, but you didn’t come to see me today. booo not in montreal, mina, boooo).

Top, the H&Ms
Jeans, Joe Fresh
Tennis shoes, Zellers ($3!)

I wore my hoodie most of the day because my office is freeeeezing. No picture of said hoodie.

One thought on “Wear: Wednesday

  1. Aww! If I were in town, I would have visited you too! But yay for the mention, it made me aol (aww out loud). 😀

    I think your hair looks great! But if your ends have you down, I find a bit of oil helps. I fried my hair really, really badly once too, and the oilier the product, the better my hair felt. So I offer you natural solutions. I grabbed my book on natural soapmaking; it has a section that explains what different oils are good for. Castor and olive oil are key apparently, but I also read online that almond and coconut oils are good for damaged hair too. However, this book says that too much coconut oil can be drying. Personally, I’d experiment with olive oil (easiest and cheapest) and see what happens. 🙂

    Some other site suggested mayo and egg on your head, but that sounds pretty gross. (Who wants egg salad on their head?) Also, totally not vegan.

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