Wear: Friday and Tuesday

I didn’t get photos all weekend, as I was busy sulking in jammies. Saturday I did go shopping, and got jeans, a sweater, and a top at the grocery store (joe fresh), two headbands at Wal-Mart, and two cardigans at Zellers, as well as underthings at Change, a new store in Angrignon Mall which carries up to a J-cup! It’s a small J, but a J, nonetheless.

Friday, I wasn’t feeling well (I’m coming down with something) so I wanted to be comfortable, and wore:

Dress, Simon’s
Leggings, Les Ailes de la Mode
Shoes, Payless
Headband, dollar store

Tuesday, I had watched Glee all weekend and fell a little bit in love with Emma Pillsbury’s outfits. If I could be her, that would be okay with me.

Necklace & Cardi, Saturday’s purchases, Zellers
Yellow top, stolen from my sister
belt & skirt, H&M
tights, Zellers
shoes, Payless

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