Shop: Friday

I go shopping rather a lot. On Friday, we were meant to go up to St-Hubert and explore, but my shoes were really hurting and I didn’t have comfortable shoes at the office, so we had to head down to my house first and get something I could walk in, and as a result, went downtown instead.

It was a good time, as usual, and I was in search of a comfortable black flat, given that mine fell apart on Thursday. We went to The Baie, where I saw a necklace that I desperately wanted, but L wouldn’t let me buy. It was a definite statement – a bib with gold flowers, from which hung about 4″ of gold chain, and from the chains hung black feathers – very warriorlike. Describing it, she’s probably right, it sounds hideous. I loved it anyway, but didn’t get it under threat of being unfriended. I also fell in love with a little bird ring – The bird sat on the ring part like it was a perch, and stood about an inch tall from your finger. So cute! (Again, “No, you don’t need that. It’s cute, but distracting and nuts.”) Like this but not $21,000.

We went up and looked at the shoes. I was hoping to find the Jessica Simpson Dany, but no such luck this time. I did try on another JS style, so I know now that I’m probably a 7 in the whole line. Maybe I’ll grab them online. Maybe. (I shouldn’t)

So, we headed to Payless, and there I bought my plain black flats – the plainest thing I own, probably, but I like them a lot! And, since it was BOGO time, and there was one left in the store, I got the Patricia Field for Payless clover necklace:

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