Jardin des Lumieres

The Montreal Botanical Gardens every year puts on their Jardins en Lumieres exhibit, filled with beautiful lightshows in their Japanese and Chinese gardens. 

We went near the end of the exhibit, and it was lovely. 


From the Japanese Gardens. They played serene / creepy music throughout, and the trees were lit in white and gold. It was like a very calm horror film. Beautiful, but I don’t like when trees sing. Beautiful, though. 



The chinese lanterns are always a colourful spectacle. There’s dragons, and full village scenes, snakes in the trees and birds in flight. 



Birds, not so in flight. 



The temple, all lit, and the Olympic Stadium at the back. One day I will get a camera thing that captures this more sharp-like, and you will be in awe, as we were. 



I really liked the colours in this bull fellow. The lanterns are made of canvas, and painted, and lit from within. They’re really something to behold. I look forward to next year! 


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  1. Mina Says:

    Ooooh, nice! This exhibit looks pretty awesome. And I see what looks like a fiddlehead light! 😀

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