Corn Maze

Corn Maze adventures were had over thanksgiving weekend. Verger Labonte has apples, a petting farm, and the reason for our visit… a corn maze!

It rained pretty heavily the day before, and we were quite muddied. There was no running in the cornmaze. Running would’ve meant slipping, and slipping would have been awful.

It was pretty impressive! Julien, of course, being good at all things, navigated us out using the internet’s tried and true “always turn left” method, and we found the exit in a tidy twenty minutes. At the exit there was a little overlook where you could check out the expanse of cornfield, it was very very cool.


Our parking spot was steps from this little view:


Ile Perrot is pretty nice looking, I tell you what. My moms lives out there, so we head out pretty often, and it is quite a charming spot.  All in all, we had a great Thanksgiving weekend, and a fun day in the cornfields.

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