Climbing a Mountain

We tried to do outsoorsy things as much as possible this summer. It didn’t always work out but we did have a few great days! One day early on, we took a trip out to the Gault Nature Reserve quite nearby, and hiked up Mont Saint Hiliare


The view from the top was pretty awesome. I think that is the stadium way off in the distance. I am a terrible, terrible hiker – I get winded whenever there’s a moderate incline, and I start to think about everything that I hate (bugs, being too warm, my socks falling down, how much everything hates, how this cannot possibly be a leisure activity) and then we get to the top and it’s like “Oh. Okay.”


This little fellow begged for food, didn’t get it. He came so close to us though! This was literally at my feet, under a picnic table by the lake.


Started from the bottom, but eventually made it here. To the top of a mountain. It was hard, and I did not like it while it was happening, but I like it now. Like, “Hey! I did this!” I bet if we did it more regularly I would not hate it in the moment, because my lungs and legs would work.



It was a good day. I recommend hiking up your local mountain if you get a chance. Pack cheese, and comtesse du barry.


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  1. Nice view! You guys do fancy hiking food – chipmunk was probably like “Aaaah yeeeaaaah! Not granola this time, kids!”. 😀

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