Summer Flowers

Every year my mom has a beautiful garden. This year, some of her flowers were so vibrant!

I’m hopeful that next year my little house will grow some pretty things. Mina sent me some bulbs for my birthday that I did manage to get into the ground: alliums, daffodils, and starflowers. I’m very eager to see them come spring!

My mom passed me along some crocus bulbs, who didn’t come up this year, but perhaps next! Now, some exerpts from her garden, as we get closer to SNOW here:



And one more look at summer past:


My swan-masted-canoe.

One thought on “Summer Flowers

  1. Pretty flowers!! Are those first ones little pink carnations? They’re super pretty! Heeey!! We planted some crocus bulbs this past weekend too! What color are the ones that you got from your mom? We got a kind called “smiles and chuckles” from Veseys, which pretty much was a sold right there on the name alone. 🙂 Ours are purple and orange.

    I like your new website layout btw! Super visual. 🙂

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