Yes, I’m still recapping. There are unattached photos uploaded and that bothers me 😀

Here are some of the things I wanted to show you, and never did…


Michael Symon says never to pair fish with cheese. This amazing smoked salmon breakfast with goat cheese and GF toast from my beloved Machiavelli proved him wrong. Super delicious.

2013-07-21_Phone 416

Veg from this year’s CSA basket, the McGill’s Farmer’s Market:
Super pleased with everything about them – great veg, great size, great price, great folk!

2013-07-21_Phone 405

Cats have two catbeds and a perch atop the tree. What’s best? Clean laundry.

2013-07-21_Phone 373
Mach’s dessert treat – super moist and wonderful, and gluten-free on the fly.

2013-07-21_Phone 364
Giant salad from Green. Sometimes I forget my lunch, and then I have to buy food. I was really pleased to find Green, right up the street. Every one of their salads is delightfully tasty – and gigantic. No banana for scale, just my normal 8 oz coffee mug.

2013-07-21_Phone 242
The windows at Charlevoix metro. Mina had taken a (better) photo when she was in town, and this was my version. It was my phone background for a bit. I switched it to a picture I took at the Chihuly exhibit – which was amazing.

2013-07-21_Phone 234
Poutine soda. Just .. don’t. It smelled like bad parmesan (putting parmesan in your poutine would not be correct!) and gym socks, and tasted worse. Luckily, we had Dave Matthewses to wash it down.

2013-07-21_Phone 140
A much better drink, the Hulk at Le Bureau

After wedding-dress shopping with Lauren, we tried Taverne Gaspar. The server was a doll about my gluten-intolerance, and apparently they have a GF pasta! I did not have the pasta, but the mussels and fries, which were very good. The oysters were also very good. Drink pictured is the Vanilla Cosmo – delicious!

For a work do, we hit Deville Dinerbar, where they were much less good about the gluten! One salad option and one fish option. I went with the fish, which was tasty, but I won’t go back.

2013-07-21_Phone 289
Behind the scenes look at Jules’ intense salad-photography. Ignore the mess!

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