When we left off, I was counting down my memorable moments of the year 2013, first half. In this episode of Bina’s Closet, we look at the second half, where posting was .. few and far between.

In July of this year, we moved house! I’m not a big fan of moving, and I really miss my little flat in PSC, but our home here is far bigger, and we managed to have a few good get-togethers! The number of outfit photos from this time is almost nil. So my favourite is .. the only one! This was just before I cut off all my hair!


Cat Picture:

August marked my thirtieth birthweek. I had a great time – two parties, and a week of little surprises from my lad. He did me a little cupcake treasure hunt, and had cute cards each morning to make sure the Birthweek went well. My birthweekend was super as well – dins at Machiavelli on the Friday, and an awesome do at our place on the Saturday.

For my birthdinner, Mina and Don brought these awesome hats. Lauren was kind enough to model them.


Cat Picture!

Birthday proper, gifties! So many of my friends came out, I was really pleased. It was wonderful to get everyone together all at the same time. I hope everyone had as good a time as I.

Favourite outfit:


Kaiju shirt! If you haven’t seen Pacific Rim, you TOTALLY should.


In September, for my thirtieth birthtrip, we went to NYC! It was amazing! I’d never been before. I got to see Times Square, and a taping of The Chew! I also had the most amazing amazing meal at Perilla. We also ate at Kin Shop, The Smith, Marea, and two rando-restos that were totally disappointing – but I never got glutened the whole time. The tasting menu at Perilla is a meal I’m certain I will remember for the rest of my life, it was amazing.

Perilla Picture:


NYC outfit for the Chew:

We were instructed to wear bright colours, so I paired a top my sister got for my birthday with a bright blue blazer. It was pretty okay. 🙂

In September we went out to Au Diable Vert to trek around their trails. I’m not big into nature, but this place was beautiful, and we had a wonderful day. I’ll devote a post to it, later!




October! I have no outfit photos for October. I do, however, have the instagram I snapped after The Run for the Cure: http://instagram.com/p/fIWbVhM0F2/

Also in October, apple picking!

Apple picking was super ace. We had apples for weeks and weeks. They were bright and fresh and delicious.


Favourite October OUtfit:
This top comes from the Nintendo store, and was one of my only NYC souveniers. I love it!


New New Brunswick! We headed out to play D&D once more for Don & Julien’s birthday, it was a brilliant time.

Only November Outfit:

Cat Picture:

I love my kitties

December was a brilliant month, full of holiday cheer! Our company Christmas parties were great. My best days this month were pretty food-centric! On the 21st, we celebrated with Jules’ family, ate boar and an amazing balsamic pickled onion side that was just super. Christmas Eve, I came home from work to tartare, oysters, and foie gras, and on the 28th, my mom and grandmother, et. al. came round, and I cooked up a Korean-inspired feast!

New Years’ Eve, we hit a party filled with Cards Against, Jungle Speed (!! fantastic game), and the Werewolf game whose name I don’t know. It was a great time.

Favourite outfit was the NYE getup:

Here’s hoping 2014 is just like 2013, only better.


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