Wear: Monday

So, I never did get round to recolouring my hair, and it’s still fadey. I like the little tiny pigtails, though, so that wins over fadedness today. I had planned to wear this with my giant oversize bow headband which was finally found (after having gone missing on my 26th birthday), but I overslept and didn’t have time to make it work. Skirt, Dex Shirt, Zellers Cardi, F21 Boots, payless Bracelet, Snake Ring, Sweater Clip, Lady Jane’s Treasure Trove I can’t recall who, but someone I know was puzzled by the idea of a sweater clip. I love them! It’s … Continue reading Wear: Monday

Wear: Sunday, Sunday SUNDAAAY!

My nephew, Big-T, had his second birthday party today. I wore a party hat, as it has been decided this is tradition. Blue hair seems to be far, far more upkeep than pink. Every time I wash it the shade changes. It’s back to looking like there are streaks of baby blue, and I hate that. So, I’ll recolour it tonight. These tights fall down past my knees. It’s infuriating. I had to excuse myself to the washroom no fewer than four times, and it’s super uncomfortable. I don’t know if it is them or the shape of my bum … Continue reading Wear: Sunday, Sunday SUNDAAAY!

Wear: Saturday

This is not the outfit I started the day in. I discovered my cats had shredded the hem of my first sweaterdress, and changed into a more different sweater dress. Also new boots. Early this afternoon, I visited Lady Jane’s Treasure Trove and scored a tonne of awesome pretties. Dress, Winner’s (replaces similar dress from Urban Outfitters) Cardigan, Joe Fresh Leggings, Les Ailes de la Mode Boots, Payless (super wide calf!) Necklace, Lady Jane. This necklace is fantastic. I’ve already received three compliments and I’ve only worn it once! Continue reading Wear: Saturday

Wear: Thursday & Friday

Apparently, it is ‘so so creepy’ that I always have the same body position. It’s not intentional, it’s just what feels semi-natural. Have you ever tried to take a photo of yourself on a 12-second timer? It’s hard! I went shopping for my newphew’s second birthday last night. I got him: two books (Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar, and The Eensy Weensie Spider), an Ed Hardy onesie, and some Hockey Guys (Koivu and Kovalev?). He’ll like them, because he loves singing, and hockey. And my sister seems like the Ed Hardy type. Sweater, H&M Dress, TJ Maxx … Continue reading Wear: Thursday & Friday

Wear: Wednesday

I look about as tired as I feel, maybe a bit rougher. It was a long day. I can usually get away with sleeping til 9:45, and rolling out of bed into the outfit I’ve laid out, but I neglected to pick something last night, so this is me thinking “jeans.. close.. tennis shoes.. comfy” and then running to catch a cab. I also had to rinse my hair as there was leave-in conditioner in it since my latest foray into home-colouring was a bit of a disaster and totally destroyed my ends! It was a rough morning, and a … Continue reading Wear: Wednesday

Wear: Tuesday

Yesterday being a day off, I refused to leave my jammies. Today, though, I’m up and at them. I had a major issue with my stockings today, constantly falling down. I love love love the pattern, though, so I’ll continue to wear them, will just have to think of a way to revive the stickiness of the stay-up. Dress, top, Modcloth Dress, underneath, Zellers Stockings, Simon’s Shoes, Payless Headband, Christmas Hair, blue! Continue reading Wear: Tuesday

Wear: Thanksgiving Sunday

Had Thanksgiving dinner with friends, this year, and it’s my first Thanksgiving as a vegetarian. I made a beet and brussell sprout dish with a balsamic maple reduction, and there were a lot of options for me at dinner. Our host made lamb and duck which looked fantastic, and I was pretty nearly tempted. But I was good! I had my beets, and spicy swiss chard, wild rice with celery, a spinach salad with strawberries and sesame dressing, carrots with frangelico, and pumpkin pie from real pumpkins and butternut squash. Dress, H&M Tights, Anne Klein Shoes, Payless Bracelets, gift from … Continue reading Wear: Thanksgiving Sunday

Wear: Friday

I was so very, very sleepy on Friday morning. All I wanted to wear was jammies. I went with the next best thing. Cozy, soft, stretchy fabric. You may be able to tell, I just got out of bed and put a headband on rather than combing my hair. I was tiiiii-red. Dress, Heritage 21 Shirt, Joe Fresh Leggings, Les Ailes de La Mode Sockettes, which you can apparently see, which wasn’t intentional, Payless Shoes, Payless Hoodie, Reitmans Headband, Dollar Store Continue reading Wear: Friday

Wear: Thursday

We had our office leaving-do for one of my (now former, *sniff*) co-workers on Thursday evening. I knew it was to be a long day, so I wanted to be comfortable, but also I knew we had to go out to dinner so thought I should look presentable. Skirt, Salvation Army Top, a store on Mont-Royal whose name escapes me Tights, We Love Colours (Lurex Fishnet) Pink polka-dot bow hairclips, Unknown Necklace, Zellers I got more than one compliment, and felt pretty good in this. I wore my new Giant Shoulder cardigan for most of the day as well, but … Continue reading Wear: Thursday