Photo Classes

This summer I took a beginner’s photography class with The Photo School.

It was super great! I would definitely recommend it to anyone who feels like they don’t quite ‘get’ what their camera is up to and how it make it better. It was over three weeks, and we covered a different topic each week. I definitely learned a tonne and my pictures have gotten better! 


Homework: Aperture & Shutter Speed

Learned about how ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed work together to make my photos bad / not sharp / overexposed 😉 


Classwork: Drawing with Light


We did this awesome exercise in class where the instructor did some light painting and we practiced long exposures. I really love the way they turned out! I’m eager to get some done when we go camping this winter! 


Homework: White Balance

Learned how to set the white balance on my camera so that things aren’t too orange / purple in weird lighting. This is my rings & bouquet by candlelight in my bathroom (it’s the darkest room in the house!) 


Homework: White Balance


Cabin in the Woods

Over the winter we rented the best cabin in the world on AirBnB. Honestly, it was perfect. We played Battleship, and Scrabble, and sat in the hot tub and drank wine and ate bone marrow and made French Onion Soup and just relaxed.


This is Julien’s Battleship strategy. CAN YOU IMAGINE?! He’s a monster.


We went with Aaron & Leah and EDGAR, THE BEST DOG EVER. Edgar likes long walks in the snow, and probably on the beach, and he loves snuggles, and he wears his hair in a little ponytail.

EDGAR, complete with mini pony and little tiny paws. Look at those tiny paws, LOOK AT THEM.


It wasn’t quite off-grid.

We also hooked up the NES to the GIANT PROJECTOR. Did I say best cabin or what?! Very seldom do I think “I will rent this same cabin again” but I totally will. It’s across the street from a genuine farm, where we met cows and then ate some of the cows (not the same ones, I assume). We went for a walk around the (giant, beautiful) property and just felt absolutely wonderful. Super great cabin, seriously. Will go again. 


Springtime Walks

Yes, I’m very behind. It turns out, though, I uploaded a bunch of photos and never did posts with them. Here is one such post. 

This Spring we did a bunch of lovely walks in the parks around town! It turns out I really like being out-of-doors, who knew. (A: NOT I!) 

Family fishing at the Lachine Sculpture Park
Family fishing at the Lachine Sculpture Park


Lachine Sculpture Park trees
Pink trees! I could have laid under them all day long. It’s super nice to look back now that it’s autumn at the Spring – it seemed really long ago, so we must’ve had a nice year!
Lachine Sculpture Park - beaversky
This is a huge metal dome thing, and the view from the middle, looking to the sky.
Cap-Saint-Jacques Nature Park  
Bark of some kind of tree at Cap-Saint-Jacques Nature Park. We had gone after a load of flooding hit the island, and many of the trails were closed.
Bois de L'lle Bizard
My focus is often poor. Julien enjoying the views at Bois de L’lle Bizard
Some of the park was totally flooded – and some was super dry!
Morgan Arboretum – We did a guided walk and learned all about useful plants in the area! Jewelweed for soap, willow for pain relief, and birchbark baskets 😀


We took a bunch of really nice walks this summer. Hopefully when winter sets in we’ll get to do some snowshoeing in these same parts! 

Road Trip! France & Italy

When we holiday, we like to make use of our time. So, for this trip, we decided to do seven cities in four days:

  • Montpellier, France
  • Grasse, France
  • Aix-En-Provence, France
  • St. Tropez, France
  • Monaco
  • Portofino, Italy
  • Genova, Italy

Crazy? Yes. Super fun, though. We spent just enough time in each place to look around a bit – two days in Genova, which was fantastic. Off season was amazing. We explored the Palazzo Rosso & Bianco, and we had the whole place to ourselves. 

We made our own custom perfumes in Grasse, took a wine tasting challenge in Montpellier, walked the markets of St-Tropez, and had sushi on the marina in Monaco. 

Chalet Weekend

Major summer weekend vibes! Friends, fun, woods, no wi-fi. 

We had such a great time at a friend’s family chalet this past weekend, just chilling and looking at the (real!) stars – Julien took this photo, of course, it’s far better than anything I could manage!

I tried my hand at shooting a bb gun, which was fun, but scary, and we ate our fill of super food prepared by Richard. 

I sincerely hope we’re invited back, because this is a chalet of the Gods! 

Is it summer yet?


But no. 

We have started our garden, and planted some things out, and cleaned up the front yard, and started the back, and the tulips are peeking up, but no. It’s not summer yet. 

This winter was not that long! Julien had surgery on his shoulder in December, which made it impossible to do much of the outdoorsy nature until two weeks ago, so we spent the winter inside, and the snow and sub-zero temps didn’t really get us down for once.

Once summer rolls around, I expect to have more to talk about. Until then, dream of beaches….

Two outfit posts!

And this one is blurry. Again, self timers, you guys.

I finally managed to wear these pants in a way that makes me feel like they’re not pajamas! Sort of. They did feel like pajamas, but I felt okay about it because the jacket clearly shows I mean business. Business of not being in pajamas.

Suggestions have been made to hem them, which I may do. Others included wearing chunkier shoes, or heels. I can’t do heels, and I don’t like chunky shoes, so I am going to have to get out the ol’ sewing kit and stab myself in the fingers repeatedly until these bad boys are shorter. I will almost certainly end up with crooked pants, but who knows!




Parc de la Mauricie

At the end of September, we took a trip out to Parc de la Mauricie to take in some of the #FALLCOLOURS before they fade to brown. 



I love fall. I think all ladies love fall. Sweaters, leggings, comfy boots replace the strappy sandals and tops of summer, and you just get to be *cozy*. Not to mention fall baking, apple cider, and warm beverages. 



Parc de la Mauricie has some lovely sights. The only disappointment is that the walking paths are paved. This seems pretty common in the national parks here and it bothers me. You see people all geared up in their hiking shoes, and they’re walking on sidewalks. You don’t need hiking shoes for sidewalks. Just wear your Gazelles, you’ll be OK. (I’m sure the advanced trails and such are different). 



This was taken from an overlook area immediately over a road. Just below those yellow trees is a broken-down van. 😉 


Rearview Julien! The outline of the mirror just didn’t appear, and I’m pleased by it. 



Sideview Julien! We borrowed Julien’s friend’s car for the day, it makes a fantastic vroomvroom noise. He was very pleased on the twisty roads. 


Julien’s pose for much of the voyage: Jetpack. Here, hes taking a picture of water. When I type that it sounds ridiculous. I’m sure it’s a great photo, though. 



When I look at this picture, I feel happy. I love his colourful watches, how he’s always casual but put-together. I love the way he sits without a care in the world, how he’s always got his finger onthe camera-trigger. Aww.  🙂 


Different water. This is a moderately long-exposure, attempting to show the water moving. It is OK. Not great, but OK. I do like how bright it came out. 


Little lookout – here the asphalt was covered by pine needles, which was nice to walk on!



Beach. I would definitely head out here in the summertime, put my feets in the water. It’d be aces. 


Happy fellow, on said beach. 



All in all, we had a wonderful day. Most of our days are pretty wonderful, come to think of it. Aww. 

Jardin des Lumieres

The Montreal Botanical Gardens every year puts on their Jardins en Lumieres exhibit, filled with beautiful lightshows in their Japanese and Chinese gardens. 

We went near the end of the exhibit, and it was lovely. 


From the Japanese Gardens. They played serene / creepy music throughout, and the trees were lit in white and gold. It was like a very calm horror film. Beautiful, but I don’t like when trees sing. Beautiful, though. 



The chinese lanterns are always a colourful spectacle. There’s dragons, and full village scenes, snakes in the trees and birds in flight. 



Birds, not so in flight. 



The temple, all lit, and the Olympic Stadium at the back. One day I will get a camera thing that captures this more sharp-like, and you will be in awe, as we were. 



I really liked the colours in this bull fellow. The lanterns are made of canvas, and painted, and lit from within. They’re really something to behold. I look forward to next year! 


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