Wear: Saturday

This is not the outfit I started the day in. I discovered my cats had shredded the hem of my first sweaterdress, and changed into a more different sweater dress. Also new boots.

Early this afternoon, I visited Lady Jane’s Treasure Trove and scored a tonne of awesome pretties.

Dress, Winner’s (replaces similar dress from Urban Outfitters)
Cardigan, Joe Fresh
Leggings, Les Ailes de la Mode
Boots, Payless (super wide calf!)
Necklace, Lady Jane.

This necklace is fantastic. I’ve already received three compliments and I’ve only worn it once!

3 thoughts on “Wear: Saturday

  1. Yeah – it might be that! In any case, it looks really vibrant when paired with other blue things I guess. 🙂

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