Wear: Thursday

I went to the last show at Montreal Fashion Week last night (Défilé tendance SMM19). It was pretty okay. The clothes, they were not for me, really, but the experience was pretty nifty. The tights were bright, the tailoring was unstructured. There was a lot of torn clothing, and fancy things paired with schlubby things. Some of the items can be seen in the first few photos here.

I had a good time, I think L did too. I’ll go again next year. Post-show, we were given a goodie bag. I love presents, so this was pretty awesome. I can’t quite wrap my head around what is fashionable about crackers and guru, except perhaps that it did seem to be the only thing some of these people had eaten in a while*.

My camera was not good enough to capture a lot, and I was in the fourth row so I got a lot of heads in what it did capture. The video of the final walk in tulle headdresses and tights came out better than expected, but sideways. I’m trying to figure out how to turn it right side up.

What I wore:

Dress, Banana Republic,
Necklace with clock-pocket, F21
Rhinestone necklace, gifted
Tights, Anne Klein
OTK socks, Betsey Johnson
Boots, Naturalizer

It poured rain, so I also had on my trenchcoat, and a borrowed umbrella. The umbrella kept my hair dry, but not much out. I have only seen it rain this hard once when I lived in Fredericton. I went outside to play in the rain on break at work and spent the next 10 hours dripping wet. It was pretty ace.

In my goody bag there was: crackers, guru, a man razor, two disposable ladyrazors, mascara, a pamphlet on the exhibit at the Eaton Centre of past fashion (which is gorgeous, you should look), a face cleaner, a moisturizer, a sanitizer for lipstick, gum, the bag it all came in and …. a visor. (?!?)

*People come in all shapes and sizes, and I don’t really believe that the thin survive on naught but crackers and energy drinks.

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  1. Lol – you look perplexed by your free visor. 🙂 I took a look at the gallery photos that you posted from The Gazette, and perhaps these ladies should be eating more than just crackers. Frankly, I’d like to see a fashion show with all shapes. Do they do this yet? They should. We’re not all 5’11 and 90 lbs.

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