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I left my cable at work for the camera, but I do have a desk now, so I can update at home again! Yay!

Given the lack of cable, though, I can’t show you what I wore yesterday (or today). I did just finish reading The One Hundred, though, so I am listing off Nina Garcia’s 100 items, and my thoughts on them. Outfits on Monday!

1. A-line Dress.
I have one, a yellow and black and grey modish number, I don’t find it flattering at all.
Her notes say that it’s flattering on all shapes, but for me, it makes me look pregnant.
2. Animal Print.
Oh yes. I violate one of her rules by having a bright pink leopard cardi. I’ve also got: shoes, a headband, a dress (two dresses?), three (four?) pairs of shoes. I love leopard.
3. Ankle Bootie.
Four pairs: taupe, black, brown, beige.
4. Aviators.
Nope. I’ve never liked them.
5. Ballet flat.
6. Bangles.
More than a few by a bunch.
7. Belts.
I used to avoid belts because they made me feel like people were looking at my hips (in high school). I realized, though, that I can make people look at my waist, and not my hips, if I just wear it in a different spot.
I have white belts and black belts and a gold belt. I got my mother to give me her collection of 80s belts, and while most of them are too small, some of them are just delightful.
8. Bikini.
Tankini? No itsi bitsi for me.
9. Blackberry.
One, yes. Broken. I prefer my iPhone(s) (also broken).
10. Black Opaque Tights.
And many other colours.
11. Blazer.
A few that fit. A few that do not fit. I love blazers, but have yet to find one that I feel comfortable in.
12. Boyfriend Cardigan.
One I picked up last year, from F21. I don’t know where it is.
13. Brooch.
A couple. My favourite is a green cabuchon from Maskarad on Mont-Royal, a vintage reproduction.
14. Cable-Knit Sweater.
Nope, I find most sweaters too bulky, and tend not to buy them.
15. Caftan.
If I was nine feet tall, I’d consider it, but no.
16. Camel Coat.
I don’t wear a lot of camel or brown, but I think I need one, now.
17. Cape.
18. Cashmere Sweater.
No 🙁
19. Charm Bracelet.
I have one traditional jangly charm bracelet, and one ‘italian’ charm bracelet with the interlocking charms.
20. Clutch.
21. Cocktail Ring.
I recently got this great blinggy frog ring. I used to have this gorgeous pavé dome number, but I lost it sometime in the last ten years.
22. Converse.
in pink!
23. Cosmetics Bag.
came free with a Sephora order at Christmas. I don’t think it’s an essential, but I’m not against it.
24. Cowboy Boots.
Not since I was a small child. Do not want.
25. Cuff.
More than a few. Leather, white, silvertone, gold tone!
26. Denim Jacket.
I don’t have one that fits, but I do have two in storage under my bed – both stretch denim, one blazer cut, and one motorcycle-y
27. Diamond Studs.
28. Driving Shoe.
I will FOREVER regret not getting this one pair of camel driving shoes. They were brought to my house when I was about 17 by this woman who had a bunch of Nine West and Steve Madden samples. Camel with white trim and a super cute little white bow. I loved them, but my mom said they were ‘too old lady’ and I let them go.
29. Espadrilles.
Want, but don’t have.
30. Evening Gown.
If you can (and I will) count my Isaac for Target taffeta dress, then yes.
31. Exotic Skin Bag.
The vegetarian in me says no, but part of me does want a crocodile bag.
32. Fishnets.
In pink, nude, black, black with red backseam, black with black backseam, nude with black backseam.
33. Frye Harness Boot.
I started wanting a Frye boot about two years ago, but they never seem to go on sale, and I can’t bring myself to part with the cash.
34. Fur.
A fur hat, stole, and muff. Vintage.
35. Gentleman’s Hat.
36. Gloves.
I love gloves. I have black lace, and white mesh, and blue lace, and orange cotton, and black leather, and green leather, and black velvet opera length.
37. Havaianas.
38. Hobo Bag.
I think I have one, a gift.
39. Hoop Earrings.
I don’t like them, but I have three pairs – black, white, and silver – from my sister last year for Christmas.
40. Investment Bag.
Not yet. Someday my Minkoff will come.
41. iPod.
Samsung P3, and iPhone. No more iPod, though. I had a first gen Nano.
42. Jeans.
A few pairs, one that fits.
43. Jewelry Pouches.
I have a wall mounted hook system thing that I got for my birthday, and a few trees, and a box.
44. Khakis.
If you consider my high-waisted beige pants khakis, then yes. I don’t like them, though. Not keen on the colour.
45. Knee Boots.
Three in regular rotation, and many others I don’t wear.
46. Leather Pants.
No, but I wore my friend’s pair once when we lived together and felt AWESOME.
47. Lingerie.
Drawers and drawersful.
48. Little Black Dress.
Very few plain black dresses (3)! Most of mine are black and white.
49. Little White Dress.
Never thought of it before, but want one now.
50. L.L. Bean Tote.
I have no idea what this is. I’ll google it later.
51. Luggage.
Nope. I’m searching for a vintage suitcase that calls to me.
52. Mad Money.
I would spend it.
53. Men’s White Shirt.
I own two oxford style shirts, and I don’t think they suit me. I have considered stealing my best friend’s white shirt, though. It looks good on me.
54. Mary Janes.
I think I have only three pairs of mary-jane mary-janes, but a number of ankle-strap shoes.
55. Minnetonka Moccasin.
I have a green suede heeled moccassin style shoe, and a brown shinyish moccasin style shoe. (I forgot I have both of these until just now!)
56. Missoni Knit.
No, but a friend has Missoni shoes and they are SO GREAT, I am super jealous.
57. Monogrammed Stationery.
Not monogrammed, but I have boxes of stationery.
58. Motorcycle jacket.
Nope. Don’t know that I want one.
59. Nail Polish.
I started biting my nails again over the weekend. 🙁
60. Old Concert T-Shirt.
I had a few, but t-shirts also don’t suit me, unless they’re very low in the neck, which concert shirts are not.
61. One-Piece Swimsuit.
Nope, tankinis.
62. Pajamas.
I’m down to one pair of proper jammies, and I can’t find ones that I know I loved. I should stock up again this winter. Mmm, jammies.
63. Peacoat.
I don’t think so.
64. Pearl Necklace.
65. Pencil Skirt.
I started collecting a few last year when I was down to a sz 8, but for the moment I only have two that fit.
66. Perfume.
Lola by Marc Jacobs, which I got for my birthday this year, and LOVE.
MissMina of Mosaic Planet on Etsy made a solid perfume for Christmas last year that is super sweet.
A few food-scented body sprays (banana coconut, lime cucumber)
67. Plain White Tee.
68. Polo Shirt.
69. Pucci.
Nope 🙁
70. Pushup Bra.
Yes, actually, but I hate it. It hurts my shoulders, it rides up in the back, it squishes me in uncomfortable ways.
I much prefer the Panache Tango II Plunge Bra – supportive but low cut enough to wear a v-neck.
71. Quality Champagne.
I seldom have occasion to drink champagne
72. Red Lipstick.
Yes, but wearing it makes me uncomfortable.
73. Robe.
Chenille, against the Laws of Garcia.
74. Safari Jacket.
75. Sandals.
Many many. I love sandals.
76. Sarong.
77. Signet Ring.
No, but I totally want one.
78. Silk Scarf.
A few, from my mom’s collection and picked up in vintage shops.
79. Slippers.
Comfy slippers, not nice slippers.
80. Spanx.
81. Statement Necklace.
A few. My favourite is a florally one.
82. Stilettos.
Yep, but I can’t wear them for long!
83. Striped Sailor Shirt.
I have a striped sailor dress?
84. Suit.
Nope. I have the pieces (blazer, pant, skirt, vest), but not a suit
85. Sunhat.
Yep. Wore it once.
86. Trench.
From Old Navy, and it’s under my bed, waiting to come out for fall. It sets off stealing-detectors wherever I go.
87. Turquoise and Coral Jewelry.
As I read this I thought about a turquoise necklace that I got in grade nine and gave to a friend after years of never wearing it, and desperately want it back. Are you reading this Lauren? Gimme!
88. Tuxedo Jacket.
89. Umbrella.
I had one, a black and white polka dotted one, but I lost it / left it somewhere / it got turned inside out.
90. Underwear.
Drawers full, again.
91. Valid Passport.
Yes! finally!
92. Vans.
Nope, I’m a converse girl.
93. Vintage.
More lately than ever before.
94. Watch.
Necklace pocket watches, and real watches that need their batteries replaced.
95. Wayfarers.
No. Not for me.
96. Wellington Boot.
Not real wellies, but polka dot rainboots, yes.
97. Wide-leg Trousers.
A few pairs. I’m not keen.
98. Wrap Dress.
Only three, I think.
99. Yoga Gear.
I’m not an excerciser. I could probably only work out in my jammies.
100. Zippered Hoodie.
One that ended up in my dryer at the laundromat, from the gap. One that my sister gave me, also gap. One from Reitmans, that is super comfy.

I obviously wouldn’t include the items I don’t have, and would definitely include more hair accessories and decorative items. Bows, colourful tights, a puffy jacket (it’s COLD here), a maxi dress, a vest. I’d leave off the hoodie, most trousers, rainboots, and I don’t consider blackberries or ipods valid fashiony items. I’d probably categorize a lot of these as ‘nice to have’ but not essential. That said, I probably couldn’t come up with 100 essentials. Most of my things all belong to the same category – dresses, shoes, boots, purses, hair accessories.

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  1. I thought the white belt on the b&w dress the other day looked great … definitely don’t avoid belts! I’ve always hated aviators too. I’m on the lookout for some nice large tortoiseshell Audrey-Hepburn-esque sunglasses. Might get me to occasionally wear contacts again.

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