Wear: Tuesday and (comfy-dress) Wednesday

I’m still deskless and internetless at home, so I wasn’t able to post yesterday. I might maybe get a desk in tonight, though!

Tuesday, my shoes fell apart midday. Came apart at the seams! Both feet at once! So now I am without black flats that are intact. I have one pair from H&M with the sole detached from the shoe, and my studded ones from Zellers which came apart. Woe is me!

Dress, Reitmans
Leggings, American Apparel – I feel a little bit bad about owning these
Shoes, Zellers (*sniff*)
Headband, Ardene
Belt, vintage, I think my mom’s

For comfy dress wednesday, I wore a new dress. Newish. A few weeks old. I also repinked my hair. This will be the final pink for a while, so need to make it last. I’ll be changing the colour in October.
I had to find different flats,and I got these for my birthday from a friend at work. I love them! They’re checkered and striped and floral and black and white, which are all my favourite things.

Dress, Zellers
Dress-length Sweater, Winners
Knee-highs, Betsey Johnson
Shoes, Fonarina, gift
Purple feather headband, Ardene

pocket watch, Urban Outfitters
glasses, F21
heart, Zellers

One thought on “Wear: Tuesday and (comfy-dress) Wednesday

  1. Love the dress from Reitmans with that belt! It’s a very pretty combo and looks great on you!

    …and if you get a lot of use out of those leggings, then their cost per wear shouldn’t be as crazypants as their actual item cost, which I gather was $$$. But don’t tell Laur I gave you that justification. 😉

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