Wear: Monday

I didn’t take pictures over the weekend. I had intended to on Saturday, but got home and fell into bed after moving a desk to my sister’s place, then putting together the desk. I wore a dress from Postlapsaria , leggings, slouchy boots, and a tank top. My dad LOVED the dress, said it was cute, and young, and looked comfy. All true.

Monday, though, I got up, I got dressed, in real clothes without bears on them.
I felt very Joan-esque (despite never having seen Mad Men) in this little outfit, though by the end of the day I wasn’t 100% happy with bra-choice. TMI? Perhaps.

Headband, Ardene, gift from my sister last Christmas
Sweater, Reitmans, stolen from my best friend
Tank, H&M
Skirt, Salvation Army
Tights, I don’t know
Shoes, Michael Ant.. something, from my mom
Necklace, F21
Brooch, vintage
Kitten, Vex, adorbz.

3 thoughts on “Wear: Monday

  1. It was comfy, and did not show through (though you can see the white outline of it under my tank top). I should have gone with something with more of a shape to it, to balance out the skirt. I somehow lost my favourite black bra and am stuck with mediocre ones – I’m either comfortable or shapely, not both. Something with more lift and less smush would’ve been better.

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