Parc de la Mauricie

At the end of September, we took a trip out to Parc de la Mauricie to take in some of the #FALLCOLOURS before they fade to brown. 



I love fall. I think all ladies love fall. Sweaters, leggings, comfy boots replace the strappy sandals and tops of summer, and you just get to be *cozy*. Not to mention fall baking, apple cider, and warm beverages. 



Parc de la Mauricie has some lovely sights. The only disappointment is that the walking paths are paved. This seems pretty common in the national parks here and it bothers me. You see people all geared up in their hiking shoes, and they’re walking on sidewalks. You don’t need hiking shoes for sidewalks. Just wear your Gazelles, you’ll be OK. (I’m sure the advanced trails and such are different). 



This was taken from an overlook area immediately over a road. Just below those yellow trees is a broken-down van. 😉 


Rearview Julien! The outline of the mirror just didn’t appear, and I’m pleased by it. 



Sideview Julien! We borrowed Julien’s friend’s car for the day, it makes a fantastic vroomvroom noise. He was very pleased on the twisty roads. 


Julien’s pose for much of the voyage: Jetpack. Here, hes taking a picture of water. When I type that it sounds ridiculous. I’m sure it’s a great photo, though. 



When I look at this picture, I feel happy. I love his colourful watches, how he’s always casual but put-together. I love the way he sits without a care in the world, how he’s always got his finger onthe camera-trigger. Aww.  🙂 


Different water. This is a moderately long-exposure, attempting to show the water moving. It is OK. Not great, but OK. I do like how bright it came out. 


Little lookout – here the asphalt was covered by pine needles, which was nice to walk on!



Beach. I would definitely head out here in the summertime, put my feets in the water. It’d be aces. 


Happy fellow, on said beach. 



All in all, we had a wonderful day. Most of our days are pretty wonderful, come to think of it. Aww. 

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