The Nation’s Capital

I strongarmed Julien into taking me to the Star Trek Experience at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum near Ottawa. We had such a lovely time!

  1. Ottawa is dope. We had some beautiful weather, the skies were blue blue blue, and it was sunny and wonderful.
  2. The Canada Aviation and Space Museum is super duper cool! The featured image is part of a plane, and taller than me! I can remember going there as a kid, but as a grownup who understands a fraction of the stuff we saw, it’s even cooler.


We tried to visit the National Gallery, but unfortunately the main collection is closed until May. So, we’ll have to go back!


LOOK AT THIS. It’s a CRONUT. It was so delicious, and soft, and full of sugar. Full of sugar.


My first bite of a cronut, ever: Is is donutty? Yes. Is it croissanty? Well, it’s gluten-free croissanty. And it is spectacular. But look, you cannot get those layers of soft pliable glutenny buttery goodness without gluten, I think. I’ve yet to have a GF croissant that is what I’m looking for. BUT!! This place also had palmiers, and THOSE, I would be hard pressed to know that was gluten-free. If you’re Gluten-Free and in Ottawa, or near Ottawa, you simply must go:


i do feel a silly jingoistic pride when we go to Ottawa. Like, that’s MY country! Maybe we’ll see Trudeau! (We didn’t.)


Man on Phone: a series.

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