Lac Taureau Camping

IMG_9790In July,  Julien and I went camping in Lac Taureau, QC. Four days of canoeing, fires, and no signal was absolutely delightful. My tan lines are still present, because I got one heck of a sunburn. Worth it, though. I was immensely happy in the woods, even if I had to pee against a tree.


Julien taking in the lake sights.


Speedboats dragging tubers. They hung on for abit, but it was all legs and upside downness pretty quickly.


Did you know that dragonflies eat the heads of other bugs? They do, while perched on my person.


Happy faces at the end of a long day.


Mosquito protection is serious business out there, I mean it.


What did I tell you? You do not mess around with these buggers. They will EAT YOU ALIVE.

Our companions also had a seemingly good time. We got pretty soaked in our (five hour!!) canoe trip to the campsite, but they didn’t have a word of complaint, and I think a great time was had all around.


I brought my swan, but sadly it was too windy to have him carry me anywhere other than the beach. The water was lovely, though – I do wish I could’ve gotten my float on. I hope we can get out somewhere this fall to see the leaves changing and burn some marshmallows.

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