Happy soon-to-be 2014!

Since we missed the last quarter of the year (oops!), I give you a re-cap! My favourite moments, month by month.


This time last year, we headed out to New Brunswick to ring in the new year with some of my favourite folks, Mina and Don. We celebrated with cocktails, champagne, and Dungeons and Dragons. It was a blast!


Favourite Outfit:
For celebrating with my mom and her family, I sported a casual sweatpants dress, Julie’s sister’s handmade necklace, and curls.


Long, and cold, and full of February things, I ended it right by getting lasers shot into my eyes! Ten months later, I can’t remember what life was really like before, but I’ll occasionally remember my glasses fogging up when I come in, wishing I had wipers for my lenses in the rain, and most of all – still needing to squint. These days, I can read street signs! Best thing I ever did 🙂

2013-07-21_Phone 064

Turns out right outside my house was a LASIK MD billboard! This was roughly two days after my surgery!

Favourite outfit:


Colourful Valentine Frock! We skipped the crowded, overpriced restos and made beautiful tartares and oysters at home.

Like the month before, I saved my favourite bit of March for the end – a sneaky surprise visit to New Brunswick, for Mina’s 30th birthday. Beating on the door at 4AM to wish her the happiest was awesome, and she totally thought we were thugs, thugs who knock. A long weekend of board games, dancing, and a second surprise in the form of a party was super awesome.

Favourite outfit:


St Paddy’s Day green! These tights were such a delightful find, and my little headband made me so happy! We went for the Machiavelli brunch, which was Irish-inspired, and wonderful, as always.

April was a slow month, but on the 25th, I got to see Best of Both Worlds on the big screen! While I was at the show, Julie fell of his surfboard (indoor surfing.. ) and dislocated his shoulder! By the time we got out of the movie, he had been there for a few hours, and was almost ready to get out. It was a rough night, and he favored his arm for a while afterward (still does). I was scared sick. This was not exactly a highlight of the year, but it was certainly memorable…

Favourite outfit? .. I don’t think I had uploaded any of them! April was a tough month, apparently 🙂

On the back of a sad and boring April, May was full! Jules and I celebrated our anniversary with an amazing meal at Machiavelli. It was also Lauren & Mike’s turn to hit 30! Mina made the trip to town, and we had a ladies’ night at my place with Bellinis and Magic Mike, then went to the Roxbury, which is a club, which we have pretty much never done before 🙂 (Proof.)

For night two of Laurstravaganza, we ate at the Old Orchard Mountain, where our server Jeremy was a delight, and totally on top of my gluten problems! Food was all delicious, many drinks were had, and we finished the night at Pang Pang’s for some terrible karioke, where I thought it a great idea to belt Titanium. It was not. 😉

Favourite outfit was my anniversary dress:


The kitty-shoes I handpainted were super happy, and I had my hair done at the Blow-dry bar on Drummond, was super thrilled with it. I was feelin’ ace!

In June, with the Marketing Team I drove a Go-Kart! This set in motion a chain of events that led to me riding a bicycle in a figure eight!

This is not a figure eight, but it sure is a straight line! Never let anyone tell you riding a bicycle is easy. It’s super, super hard! I’m getting it, though. I have high hopes for next summer!

That’s it for now, folks. Stay tuned for Part Two, if I don’t forget 😉

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