Wear: Thursday

I went to the last show at Montreal Fashion Week last night (Défilé tendance SMM19). It was pretty okay. The clothes, they were not for me, really, but the experience was pretty nifty. The tights were bright, the tailoring was unstructured. There was a lot of torn clothing, and fancy things paired with schlubby things. Some of the items can be seen in the first few photos here. I had a good time, I think L did too. I’ll go again next year. Post-show, we were given a goodie bag. I love presents, so this was pretty awesome. I can’t … Continue reading Wear: Thursday

Wear: Tuesday / Wednesday

I completely neglected to take a Monday photo. I was in hospital all evening waiting to be seen for breathing issues, waited 6 hours, and gave up. I’m fine now. Tuesday I wore an awesome (maternity) wrap dress. Don’t tell anyone it’s maternity-wear, Internet. I’ll be embarrassed. So comfy though! Dress, Thyme Maternity, thrifted T-shirt, H&M Tights, Aldo Necklace & Shoes, Payless Headband, I made it Kitten, Vex Wednesday I wore a dress so comfortable it feels like a t-shirt. After the first time I wore it I went back to F21 to see if I could snag a few … Continue reading Wear: Tuesday / Wednesday

Wear: Weekend

Friday The green version of my comfy black dress! I remembered I had these shoes while reading the 100, a sort of moccasin style wedge. The closest I have to moccassins anyway. It’s very matchy-matchy. These shoes are super uncomfortable, so after work I changed into my printed keds, which are olive green and navy with beige/brown swallows. I forgot to take pictures of them, but they’re here. Dress, H&M Tights, Zellers Socks & Belt, F21 Leopard headband, Ardene Bar-brooch, vintage Roundy-brooch, vintage Shoes, Payless Saturday Saturday, I moved my new desk into my place with the help of my … Continue reading Wear: Weekend

Shop: Friday

I go shopping rather a lot. On Friday, we were meant to go up to St-Hubert and explore, but my shoes were really hurting and I didn’t have comfortable shoes at the office, so we had to head down to my house first and get something I could walk in, and as a result, went downtown instead. It was a good time, as usual, and I was in search of a comfortable black flat, given that mine fell apart on Thursday. We went to The Baie, where I saw a necklace that I desperately wanted, but L wouldn’t let me … Continue reading Shop: Friday

Read: The 100

I left my cable at work for the camera, but I do have a desk now, so I can update at home again! Yay! Given the lack of cable, though, I can’t show you what I wore yesterday (or today). I did just finish reading The One Hundred, though, so I am listing off Nina Garcia’s 100 items, and my thoughts on them. Outfits on Monday! 1. A-line Dress. I have one, a yellow and black and grey modish number, I don’t find it flattering at all. Her notes say that it’s flattering on all shapes, but for me, it … Continue reading Read: The 100

Wear: Thursday

I dreamt of this outfit, and in my dream it looked a lot better. I also don’t know why I am so blurry. I usually take two photos at night, and one is blurred and the other is fine, but this time they’re both identical. Stripey Dress, H&M Black dress (underneath), H&M Leggings, gift Boots, Spring Headband, H&M Kitten, Kiss I feel a bit like it’s chain-gang chic. I’m not feeling it. The stripes aren’t doing me any favours, by the end of the day the leggings rose up over my boot so a bit of skin was perpetually showing … Continue reading Wear: Thursday

Wear: Tuesday and (comfy-dress) Wednesday

I’m still deskless and internetless at home, so I wasn’t able to post yesterday. I might maybe get a desk in tonight, though! Tuesday, my shoes fell apart midday. Came apart at the seams! Both feet at once! So now I am without black flats that are intact. I have one pair from H&M with the sole detached from the shoe, and my studded ones from Zellers which came apart. Woe is me! Dress, Reitmans Leggings, American Apparel – I feel a little bit bad about owning these Shoes, Zellers (*sniff*) Headband, Ardene Belt, vintage, I think my mom’s For … Continue reading Wear: Tuesday and (comfy-dress) Wednesday

Wear: Monday

I didn’t take pictures over the weekend. I had intended to on Saturday, but got home and fell into bed after moving a desk to my sister’s place, then putting together the desk. I wore a dress from Postlapsaria , leggings, slouchy boots, and a tank top. My dad LOVED the dress, said it was cute, and young, and looked comfy. All true. Monday, though, I got up, I got dressed, in real clothes without bears on them. I felt very Joan-esque (despite never having seen Mad Men) in this little outfit, though by the end of the day I … Continue reading Wear: Monday

Wear: Friday

It’s getting pretty cold, single digits today, but I want to get my summeriest dresses in one more time before fall. While I was trying to arrange my clothes by type, I haphazardly tossed these two items next to each other and thought “Ack! Perfect!”. The silhouette of this dress is really lovely, and the back has an exposed zip. It’s among my favourites. I have always been a little afraid of mixing patterns, but I think the black and white of the dots make it easier. The blouse is entirely sheer, so requires a bit of jiggering to be … Continue reading Wear: Friday

Wear: Thursday

I got rained on on my way home, and had chiro / massage today, so my hair is both massage-oiled up and rainy, so I may resemble a sad, wet rat. Monthly chiropracty means monthly non-dresses, since they occasionally need easy access to my lower back, so I broke out pants today. I don’t wear a lot of pants, I’m not all that keen on them. I bought these two years ago at my boyfriend at the time’s prompting, he loved them. I’m still not sure. The colour doesn’t seem to go with anything, and I hemmed them a wee … Continue reading Wear: Thursday